Birthday Surprise Party!

Every other Sunday I meet with a bunch of enthusiastic, lovely women at the Main Street Cafe in Kingston, the LOTUS women's group (LOTUS= Laws Of The Universe Scholars ), just right across of the building where my office is located. The reason why this group came into being was due to my heart-felt longing to share my knowledge and socialize with women who wanted to break away from the usual co-miserating (since we are such compassionate creatures!) that seems to happen whenever 2 or more women come together.

Instead of informing each other about all the things that go wrong in our lives, including the latest tales of inconsiderate husbands, mean colleagues, unfair treatments, financial problems, or the latest gossip, we formed a group that is dedicated to speaking and acting in uplifting and positive ways, educating ourselves in processes and practical procedures/tools in order to harness the Law of Attraction. We confide in and trust each other and feel free to speak about our goals, our smallest and biggest dreams, our hopes, and longings, always knowing that was is being shared in this group, stays in this group - even though this is NOT group therapy. We happily share success stories, offer our thoughts, support and feedback and have created a safe and joyful haven for personal upliftment and growth. This group is open to any woman who has made the decision to deliberately create the life of her dreams and who accepts that there are universal laws that govern our existence, as opposed to believing in a predetermined fate. I can't even begin to describe how much fun our bi-weekly meetings are!

Now, let me tell you what happened today. One little birdy had sung and informed the rest of the group about the fact that I had my birthday last week (Yes - another year has passed! Time flies...). I haven't celebrated my birthday with friends in many years. Normally, I'd invite my family over and celebrate with them - which I always thoroughly enjoyed. Ever since I moved away from Germany, I spent my birthday with my children and my husband - my 'little' family. Especially my daughter will go through great lengths to make my birthday special. She is just a wonderful little sweet-heart who enjoys making people feel special and loved! And even though I truly have every reason to be happy on my birthday, I just can't but miss my dear sisters Yvonne, Mireille, and Janine, with their families of course, as well as my wonderful parents. It's simple: it hurts! It's easier to just ignore my birthday as well as I can...

But, as I said before, there was a 'leak' in our group ;-) and word about my birthday got out - and guess what - these awesome women put together a surprise birthday party for me - the first one in my entire LIFE! I was presented with my very own birthday cake (super moist, rich, dark chocolate cake with butterscotch frosting) & puff pastries filled with a delicious whipped custard cream and fresh raspberries, a luscious bouquet of yellow roses, a beautiful "vision board", a milk frother (LOVE it!), and a tin of REAL, luxurious Italian drink chocolate. But the most wonderful gifts of all were the love, joy, and happiness reflected in the eyes of these wonderful women who made me feel so appreciated and special. I feel deep gratitude and love for having them in my life. For the first time since I've moved to the States I feel that I can grow 'roots' here.


Much love to you all,