So - what about those New Year resolutions?

You were serious when you made those New Year resolutions. This time, you thought, you'd stick to them and go for your goals. You may even have made a plan on how to incorporate certain things into your daily, busy schedule. You may even have started out well.....for a few days...or even a week or two. But what about NOW? Are you still on track?

If you are like most people, you probably aren't. Why is that so? Many of us simply wanted too much of a change for it to work. We tend to be way more successful if we focus only on one or two goals at a time. We are creatures of habit and if we want to change something in our everday-lives, we need to know what motivates us. Why do you want to change? What do you think you'll get out of it, and how important is that to you? Writing this out can be of tremendous help, and reading it every day may be just what you need to keep you on track.

What else can you do? You can use certain techniques and modalities to melt away any resistance you have to change. This is possilbe? YES! We normally have opposing parts within ourselves. One part wants to change, another is invested in keeping everything the way it is. There seems to be an almost 'normal' fear of change that many people possess. When we try to change, and the initial enthusiasm has faded, this fear often gets stronger. With MTT/EFT (tapping), it is rather easy to let go of that fear and strengthen the part of you that truly wants the change.

Sometimes, we are afraid of change due to past negative experiences and traumata. Again, these can be released with different techniques I am employing. And this is NOT an empty promise - it truly works! I have had clients who have been in 'regular' psychotherapy for decades, without resolving their past trauma. From what my clients told me, I can honestly say that their therapists were usually very caring, compassionate people with a deep wish to help. However, from my own experience and that of my clients, 'conventional' psychotherapy often simply doesn't have the tools to truly release trauma. It is helpful in the way that it offers strategies on how to deal with the symptoms of past trauma/ the issue, so people experience 'relief' - but normally, that's it.

When I learned MTT/ EFT about a decade ago, I couldn't believe the results I got. I was in awe. It seemed miraculous, or 'too good to be true'. I witnessed some one-minute-wonders, but sometimes, when I expected an issue to dissipate very quickly, I had to find out that the issue at hand proved to have more layers to it than anticipated. But even if that was the case, and the 'mountain' to take care off seemed too much to conquer for my clients, they still felt lasting relief and made shifts - until it was gone. Perseverance always pays off!

Give it a try. Download the free EFT manual (by Gary Craig) as long as it is still available ( Google EFT/MTT, look for YouTube videos on EFT/MTT to get a first impression of it (videos are normally not specific enough to resolve an issue but can give you substantial relief), or schedule your first appointment!

Wishing you a very successful, happy, prosperous year!