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Web Link PSTEC Click Track 2015

What is Click Track 2015 ?

Put simply, “Click Track 2015” is the most advanced and very latest development of the PSTEC Click Track technology. It is a total redesign for more power, more usefulness, greater capability and lots more besides.

What You'll Get...

  • Six New Click Tracks!  (7 min, 14 min , 28 min)
  • Multiple New Features
  • The Latest Developments
  • Totally New
  • Solves Things Differently
  • Greater Efficiency
  • New Indirect & Hybrid PSTEC Suggestion
  • Bypass Subconscious Resistance More Effectively
  • Clear More & Faster
  • New "Wrapper" Tool Included
  • Designed To Clear Multiple Problems At One Go... YES....Simultaneously

Price: $49.00

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Web Link PSTEC Negative

Unwanted Childhood Programming? Negative Self Talk?

Clear Negative And Limiting Beliefs – Fast with PSTEC Negative, the Belief Eraser!

What is a belief eraser?

“The PSTEC Belief Eraser” is a tool which YOU can use on ALL the negative and limiting beliefs YOU want rid of..

It is totally unique and has taken five years of thought to put together and then test.  Now YOU can have access.

Its purpose is to allow you to weaken or erase the unwanted beliefs that have dogged you, caused you pain, limited you or otherwise held you back.

Price: $49.00

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Web Link PSTEC Positive Extra Power

"Magical" things can happen when you use your subconscious in the correct way.

All the features you expect are here:

  • Get positive suggestions into your subconscious with real energy. This improves on what you're used to.
  • Get greater outcomes.
  • Choose your own suggestions.
  • Let this deliver those suggestions to your subconscious with power, effectiveness, speed, and ease.
  • All the benefits of original PSTEC Positive but with the latest enhancements.
  •  Instructions included.
  • More control over your life.
  • Infinite uses.
  • A lifetime of possibilities.
  • Harness your subconscious even better.
  • Make it work for you!

Price: $25.00

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