The benefits of EFT/MTT

"All is energy" - at least according to Albert Einstein, who believed that all things were composed primarily of this curious resource. However, most of us would question the scientific veracity of such a statement as we sit wearily staring at yet another endless "to do" list.

Nevertheless, Einstein’s ideas about energy were not unique to him. The ancient Chinese believed that athways existed within the body that enabled energy or “chi” to move effortlessly throughout a healthy organism. They felt that imbalance occurred when barriers formed, disturbing the rhythmic journey of energy through the body’s structure.

Unfortunately, these barriers occur frequently in nearly all people and reveal themselves in the form of sickness, stress, weight fluctuations, depression and even addiction. But what if there were a non-invasive, drug-free method for removing these obstructions and thus restoring the body and mind? Well, according to clinical studies, such a process exists, and anyone can apply it.

MTT/EFT (Meridian Tapping Technique/Emotional Freedom Technique) is an integration of these ancient practices with what is known today about energy’s role in human health to form a therapeutic process that has been successfully applied time and again. Although MTT/EFT (Meridian Tapping Technique/Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on principles used by acupuncturists, the procedure differs in at least two important ways.

First and most obviously, MTT/EFT does not require the use of needles, making it a convenient healing tool for anyone to use. Secondly, MTT/EFT incorporates emotional and spiritual components as a part of treatment instead of focusing solely on the physical elements. MTT/EFT has been used as an effective means to reach spiritual, psychological and physical well-being by those with only a minimal understanding of its methodology.

Although severe cases of trauma, depression or other symptoms may require the help of a licensed MTT/EFT practitioner, most common “energy crises” can be resolved with a few easy-to-learn techniques from the comfort of your own home.