There's an old adage that states, "if something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is." On the other hand, an equally dependable bit of wisdom counters, "For every rule, there is an exception!" And it seems the latest development in psychological therapies may indeed be the "exception".

PSTEC, or Percussive Suggestion Technique, is the latest development in a line of therapeutic treatments designed to help those suffering from virtually "anything," to escape the habitual failures that plague their lives. Childhood traumas can be released, life-inhibiting phobias erased, self-image and insecurities removed, and addictions conquered. Nearly anything that interferes with one's quality of life can be altered to increase health, wealth and happiness.

As we grow from childhood into adulthood, we establish a set pattern of behaviors that changes very little over the course of our lives. Humans are creatures of habit and most of the decisions we make during our lives are based on simple variations of a cycle of templates, thought patterns and emotions.

No matter how we might struggle, human beings are not the masters of logic we might imagine or wish we were. Rather, many of us feel more like humble slaves, shackled to perimeters, determined by our emotions and beliefs. Essentially, the quality of our lives is a by-product of a series of choices we must each make, i.e., choosing this will result in that - a basic cause and effect system. We subconsciously limit the possibility of success or happiness in our lives when our emotions are limited to negative feelings such as fear, resentment, insecurity or sorrow.

Until the creation of PSTEC, a person struggling to make positive changes in his life was often caught in a cycle of frustration. Even when the desire or need to change was acknowledged, the tools to do so were unavailable.

So what exactly is PSTEC and how does it work?

PSTEC is an 11-minute audio that guides the listener through a series of techniques constructed to reconfigure thought patterns. Simply put, if behaviors, beliefs and emotions are essentially negative, then likewise our relationships, jobs and lives will typically reflect this. PSTEC is equipped to break away the tired and ineffectual mental barriers that keep each of us from reaching the height of success and happiness.

Far from being just the "latest" in the long line of trendy self-help gimmicks, PSTEC was created by Tim Phizackerley, a man searching not to make a quick buck, but simply as a means, in which to overcome his own limitations and fears. Phizackerley's research and program design were so effective in his own life that he wanted to help as many others as possible, to experience their lives free of fear and anxiety.

The responses from those that have tried this new therapy have been impressive. The Internet is littered with the testimonials of people who have had life-changing experiences after listening to this audio. While some believe the success of this program can be explained by the universal laws of attraction, others have come away with a renewed belief in magic.