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Awesome 2010 Video

This is a wonderful video that can inspire all of us to take the time to visualize and share in this beautiful vision of 2010. Let's make all statements true by using the power of our minds :-)

Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead!

Touching Video

Today, I came across this beautiful and touching YouTube video. Isn't it amazing what we can achieve and who we can become if we change our thoughts? Our attitude? Our beliefs about what is possible and what not? This always leads to changed behavior and inspired action as well, the kind of behavior that leads to success. The only limits we have are in our own mind and I just love knowing that the same universe that created us also created techniques and modalities to help us release our self-imposed limitations.

Planet Earth Movie by Rhonda Byrne


I am posting this video about our beloved planet Earth instead of a tapping video, today. Rhonda Byrne, maker of 'The Secret' movie, did a magnificent job to create a movie that so easily helps us connect with feelings of love and gratitude for our planet. Watch it and feel uplifted!

Play Video


Birthday Surprise Party!

Every other Sunday I meet with a bunch of enthusiastic, lovely women at the Main Street Cafe in Kingston, the LOTUS women's group (LOTUS= Laws Of The Universe Scholars ), just right across of the building where my office is located. The reason why this group came into being was due to my heart-felt longing to share my knowledge and socialize with women who wanted to break away from the usual co-miserating (since we are such compassionate creatures!) that seems to happen whenever 2 or more women come together.

Bummer, I'm NOT perfect! :-)

Okay, I'm NOT perfect! Bummer! I'm really not!;-)

Friday evening I 'collapsed' onto my sofa, exhausted and tired from a very busy week. If I would have gauged my energy level on a scale from '0'to '10', I'd have given myself a 1 or 1 1/2 the most. There is one thing I can't stand, and that is not feeling well - to me this feels like a defeat. Wonderful stuff to tap on. But did I do it? NO! I was way too angry with myself and my body. ;-) I was upset with myself and my body. I SHOULD feel well, my body SHOULD have more energy, I SHOULDN'T feel this way, I SHOULD want to tap etc.

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