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Why see an EFT practitioner?

Ever wondered why you would go and see an EFT practitioner when EFT is such a wonderful self-help tool? Since I share the same view with Emma Roberts about this topic , here is her article that was originally posted on Gary Craig's website (


We all face anxieties, fears and stresses of everyday life. In some cases, these ordinarily “normal” feelings can balloon into problem emotions, causing physical pain, difficulties maintaining weight, problems in relationships and productivity, and finally, addictive and destructive behaviors.

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PSTEC is a unique 11 minute audio track which can be played to create a resolution for almost any problem related to unwanted emotions or feelings. It is a very efficient neutralizer of any problem feelings or emotions.

- Tim Phizackerley, Creator of PSTEC

New Paradigm or the Old Razzle Dazzle?

David Feinstein, Ph.D. (A revised and condensed version of this article appeared in the January 2005 edition of Psychotherapy Networker.)


This article introduces health professionals who work with psychological issues to the emerging field of energy psychology. It provides an overview of the field, covering basic concepts and procedures. It is intended to give the reader a basis to begin evaluating this new paradigm. Research and clinical evidence bearing upon clinical efficacy are presented, and plausible neurological mechanisms are discussed. The article gives a brief history of the field, mentions various energy psychology protocols, discusses indications and contraindications for clinical applications, and demonstrates a standard clinical protocol through the presentation of four case studies.

So - what about those New Year resolutions?

You were serious when you made those New Year resolutions. This time, you thought, you'd stick to them and go for your goals. You may even have made a plan on how to incorporate certain things into your daily, busy schedule. You may even have started out well.....for a few days...or even a week or two. But what about NOW? Are you still on track?