Kelly F., New York City

Sunny's work with me has changed my entire life. She has helped me to identify deep-rooted emotional issues that paralyzed my life for years. I tried to fix myself.
I did everything that I could do.....but nothing worked and I was digging my own grave. Sunny has shown me how to deal with my thoughts, my emotions and I am learning to live again.

She has not only given me the tools to understand myself and my emotions, she has cared about me as a human being. Sunny's knowledge of EFT, the body, and the mind, is so vast. I believe that she knows everything that there is to know in the scientific sense. The astonishing thing about Sunny is that her heart for people is even larger than her vast knowledge of the subject matter. She cares about her clients. In my opinion, you will be hard pressed to find that quality in another practitioner.

Sheri V., Trenton, NJ

EFT is Life Changing
EFT in the hands of an expert practitioner such as Sunny Van Vlijmen is life changing. Having been in conventional therapy for years, without the use of ANY medication, I did not accomplish a fraction of what has changed in one year of working with Sunny. I have had several medical doctors comment on the changes they have noticed with me, both physically and emotionally-one doctor asking what medication I was taking as my emotional state was so opposite to that of a year ago. She was astounded when I informed her it was not medication but EFT. My ONLY regret is that I did not work with Sunny years ago.

Marna Goldstein

After just one session with Sunny, my whole entire experience around the fear of money vanished. I spent over 15 years worrying about whether or not I would have enough money. After my one session with Sunny, I'm bringing in more money than ever before and I have total trust that my abundance will continue.
Thank you Sunny!
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Diana K., Neugraben, Germany

The first time I went to Sunny, I was desperate because of a serious health problem. Medical doctors hadn’t been able to help me, and often I thought that my life was no longer worth living.
It was astounding how quickly Sunny was able to discover the deep-lying cause of my condition, and after that first session, my symptoms were already gone. For me, it was a miracle!
Since then Sunny has helped me with many different types of problems. Her intuition and profound knowledge never cease to amaze me, and above all - she really cares about her clients.

Sriram V., East Brunswick, NJ

Dear Sunny,
Thank you so much for your help with EFT. I found our sessions extremely transforming and somewhat magical. In just a few sessions, you helped me clear my fears about myself and my relationships. I went from being single for quite a long time to attracting the person of my dreams, in a relatively short time. You believed in me more than I believed in myself, thank you very much for that. I intend to continue our sessions in other areas of my life, you are the best coach one could ask for. Thank you for being you.

Patricia French Crilly, R.N.

My friend and colleague, Sunny Van Vlijmen, is a gifted EFT Practitioner whose caring and compassion is evidenced in the kindness of her words and with every tap of her fingers. When Sunny uses EFT, she makes the world a much brighter place in which to live.