Kelly F., New York City

Sunny's work with me has changed my entire life. She has helped me to identify deep-rooted emotional issues that paralyzed my life for years. I tried to fix myself.
I did everything that I could do.....but nothing worked and I was digging my own grave. Sunny has shown me how to deal with my thoughts, my emotions and I am learning to live again.

She has not only given me the tools to understand myself and my emotions, she has cared about me as a human being. Sunny's knowledge of EFT, the body, and the mind, is so vast. I believe that she knows everything that there is to know in the scientific sense. The astonishing thing about Sunny is that her heart for people is even larger than her vast knowledge of the subject matter. She cares about her clients. In my opinion, you will be hard pressed to find that quality in another practitioner.