Tania M.K., Hausbruch, Germany

I have taken several EFT classes in Germany, I am treating clients with EFT, and I even meet with fellow therapists to do some mutual tapping in order to constantly improve my skills.

EFT has changed my life. I have participated in many self-help and spiritual workshops and have studied several different approaches and methodologies. Many of them helped me uncover hidden blocks, but didn’t offer a means to releasing those blocks - your were left to yourself. It was 'nice' to know that most of my problems had their roots in the perceived distance between my mother and I – but what was I supposed to do with that information?

Now I know! EFT is an amazing and powerful tool with which I am able to release those limiting beliefs, past traumatic events and hidden blocks. Even though this method is easy to learn and to apply, so that anybody can use it on themselves (with persistence you will always get results), there is something about Sunny van Vlijmen’s approach that makes it an “art”.

I admire her sure instinct and the loving ‘straightforwardness’ she uses in her sessions/ supervision with me. She always gets to the point, uncovers hidden issues and instills me with confidence about the procedure. She assists me in my EFT self-treatment and doesn’t stop impressing me with her strong intuition.

No matter what negative emotions or memories surface during a session, she provides a safe and secure space in which I can open up without being judged. I am grateful that you are there, Sunny!