Michele D., Tarrytown, NY

EFT may not be the conventional way we know to deal with our issues in life but it works !! And with a practitioner like Sunny, expect amazing results. Her indepth knowledge and understanding of life is incredible. She is compassionate and caring and seems to identify with whatever you are going through regardless. You will immediately feel comfortable talking to her and Sunny has the ability to quickly identify the root of the problem I would recomend her to anyone who wants to be healthy not only emotionally but physically because they do go hand in hand.
Sunny is amazing and I am deeply grateful for her and her gifts !!!!

Cathy R., Lawrenceville, NJ

Way of the Future
If you have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to Sunny & her EFT-Practice, you know the immediate effect it has on an individual on a personal level.

No matter what your indivdual challenge is in life, Sunny has a special technique that will help you find answers to better understand & take your negative energy & direct you to think more positively about you and life itself.

She has a way to get to the core of the problem so you can cope or permanently get rid of the issue you personally have been challenged with. Everyone is greeted with a beautiful smile, bubbly personality and treated with warmth and compassion. She has a unique way of seeking out answers for each personal conflict or challenge that is put before her with much success of healing naturally, which I firmly believe is the way of the future.

Mary -T. W., Hamilton, NJ

Sunny is the best! She knows exactly how you are feeling, and how to help you get through it. She is very warm, and I feel so comfortable talking to her. I look forward to her sessions. I recommend Sunny with all my heart.

Tania M.K., Hausbruch, Germany

I have taken several EFT classes in Germany, I am treating clients with EFT, and I even meet with fellow therapists to do some mutual tapping in order to constantly improve my skills.

EFT has changed my life. I have participated in many self-help and spiritual workshops and have studied several different approaches and methodologies. Many of them helped me uncover hidden blocks, but didn’t offer a means to releasing those blocks - your were left to yourself. It was 'nice' to know that most of my problems had their roots in the perceived distance between my mother and I – but what was I supposed to do with that information?

Now I know! EFT is an amazing and powerful tool with which I am able to release those limiting beliefs, past traumatic events and hidden blocks. Even though this method is easy to learn and to apply, so that anybody can use it on themselves (with persistence you will always get results), there is something about Sunny van Vlijmen’s approach that makes it an “art”.

I admire her sure instinct and the loving ‘straightforwardness’ she uses in her sessions/ supervision with me. She always gets to the point, uncovers hidden issues and instills me with confidence about the procedure. She assists me in my EFT self-treatment and doesn’t stop impressing me with her strong intuition.

No matter what negative emotions or memories surface during a session, she provides a safe and secure space in which I can open up without being judged. I am grateful that you are there, Sunny!

Christine P., NJ

When I first decided to try EFT a few years ago, I was a bit nervous going for my first appointment. After all, what would this person doing the EFT be like? Would I like him/her? Would we be able to connect? As soon as I walked into Sunny's office, I automatically knew I was in the right place with the right person.

Sunny made me feel right at home. She exudes such warmth and peace and she truly cares about her clients. It was so easy to talk to her.

I've had such success using EFT. It is the most quick and effective technique to use for everything. Try it, you'll love it!

Natascha K.

I met Sunny in November 2005 and took EFT For Beginners to work on the hip pain I was experiencing which had started 3 weeks earlier. After just one class, the pain was lessened. After three days, the pain was gone and I did not have to do any further tapping.

I have three children, take care of my elderly mother and work full time.

Last Holiday Season (December 2005), my worries and responsibilities became so overwhelming that I had an emotional crisis and experienced severe depression. I think I had been depressed for the previous 4-5 years, however, it became intensified in the last week of 2005. I felt miserable. I had no desire to work, to cook or to enjoy Christmas.

After my nervous breakdown, I came to see Sunny on January 3rd, 2006. During our session she "peeled away" so many memories and hidden emotions that I started to cry. I never knew that I carried inside of me such a load of negative beliefs from my childhood that created this stress in my life. Sunny found the right words and phrases enabling her to dig deeper and deeper into my soul. With each round of tapping, I felt lighter and more relieved. I discovered that I worry too much about everyone around me, I did not have any time for myself always focusing on the others, which lead to depression.

This EFT session with Sunny had a magical effect on me. I felt happy and able to forgive and to communicate with people who I believed had hurt me. By the end of the session, I had made a conscious choice to stay peaceful, to accept and love myself, and to let other people live their own lives and make their own mistakes.

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