MTT/EFT- related websites

Web Link Carol Look, EFT Master
Web Link EFT Universe

After Gary Craig’s retirement, EFT Universe received the rights to all articles formerly posted on Gary Craig’s website. The EFT Universe website contains a wealth of free information.

Web Link Matrix Reimprinting

Rewrite your past and transform your future with this unique method involving EFT/MTT.

Web Link Patricia Carrington, PhD, EFT Master 1

Dr. Carrington developed the Choices Method and has been a guiding light in the tapping world for many years.

Web Link Patricia Carrington, PhD, EFT Master 2
Web Link Roger Callahan, Founder of TFT

Roger Callahan is the founder of TFT (Thought Field Therapy) – a tapping therapy using different tapping algorithms. In an attempt to make tapping available to the world, Gary Craig (a former student of Callahan’s) simplified TFT and EFT was born.

Web Link Rue Hass, EFT Master
Web Link School Made Much Easier

Tools and Resources for Parents, Teachers and Students to effectively improve school performance with EFT.

Web Link Tapping Insiders Club

Provides a library of audios, videos, interviews, “tap- alongs”, tapping scripts and articles on everything related to Tapping. Membership is required.