Phone Sessions

Phone sessions are very convenient if you don't live close to the office or do not have time to come in for a session. It is less expensive, since you don't have to take off work, or get a baby sitter, or put in the extra time to drive to the office. However, if you live within a reasonable driving distance, I would prefer that you come to my office for our first session, though it is not mandatory. I will explain how to use the PSTEC audio tracks, and if you should have no prior knowledge of the tapping technique I employ, I'll show you where the points are located and how to tap. 

If you are familiar with EFT/MTT, I would still like to make sure you understand short cuts and additional points I use. In addition, if you are already my client, you can try to call in for a session right when the problem (traumatic memory, phobia, anxiety, panic attack, compulsion, addictive craving etc.) is occurring and we can deal with the issue on the spot if my schedule permits.

In addition, I will explain the procedures for follow-up phone sessions.

PHONE SESSION POLICY: Please note that all paperwork (incl. dated and signed disclaimer) has to be returned, and payment has to be received in full, prior to your phone session. Thank you for your understanding.

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